Aohua endoscopy new building is officially opened!

Date:2019-12-04 Author:admin

November 11, 2019
No.66, Lane 133, Guangzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Aohua endoscopy new building is officially opened!
Here, we'll explore the new era together.

Strategic focus: making the hard but right decision
Landing at the Aohua showroom, a time travel is underway. Starting from the "China's rise" and "responsibility", Mr. Gu kang founded Aohua Endoscopy in 1994. Therefore, Aohua started a "dream project" related to domestic endoscopy. Every scene and product at the showroom is a witness to history and a sign of the awakening and rising of China.

Professional:integrated endoscopic solutions
There are not only high quality equipment but also strong service support in Aohua Endoscopy Center. We not only want to let the doctors use it smoothly, but also to let all medical staff have no worries.

The starting point of this new journey has been set and the future is endless.
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