Dawu People's Hospital Held the Signing Ceremony of Aohua Endoscopy Donation

November 30, 2018,The signing ceremony of Aohua Endoscope Donation and Early-cancer Screening Project was held at the Dawu county people's hospital in Xiaogan city, Hubei province.The people's hospital of Dawu county is a remote mountainous area hospital.As a result, AQ-200, the latest full-high-definition endoscope, was selected as the donated equipment by Aohua this time, so as to better carry out the free diagnosis, screening and treatment of early gastrointestinal cancer in hospitals.

Li Qunfu,party secretary and director of DawuHealth Commission, Ding Wenchao,party secretary of t DawuCountyPeople'sHospital, Deng Haipo,dean of DawuCountyPeople'sHospital , Zhaoqiu,director of central south hospital,Chen Liping,director of department of gastroenterology, central south hospital and Aohua’s CEO Gu Xiaozhou witnessed the activity together.


Let Dawu become Shanghai

There seems to be a million differences between Dawu and Shanghai.But more than 600,000 people inDawu have nodifferences from the residents in Shanghai. No matter rich or poor, high or low, all people's lives are equal, and all people's pursuit of medical treatment is equal.

The AQ-200 Laser Communication Endoscopy System(FHD) is being used in clinical studies attop hospitals in Shanghai.Therefore,AQ-200 was also selected as the endoscope donor.We look forward to helping more people in need with the same qualities and determination.

Let Dawu Know

We don't know how many people have heard of the concept of "early cancer screening", but we believe that the proportion in Shanghai must be much higher than inDawu county.Many cancers as long ashaveearly detected, early treatment, in fact, far from the imagination of terror.Therefore, in addition to improving the mandatory equipment conditions of the people's hospital ofDawu county, this donation activity is intended to do another thing: let dawu county hear the sound of "early cancer screening".

Aohua and public welfare.

What do we really want to do?

To keep more people away from the possibility of becoming cancer statistical molecules,

To pull more people back from the path of tragedy,

Let more people who have no chance to enjoy equal medical care on their own have the right to it.