Establishment of Aohua Endoscopy Guangzhou Branch

Establishment of Aohua Endoscopy Guangzhou Branch

On December 25, 2018, Aohua Endoscopy announced that its Guangzhou Branch has been established, meanwhile held the South China Dealer Appreciation Banquet with the theme of “Opening the New Chapter of 2019”.


Aohua Endoscopy, founded in 1994, is about to enter the 25th year. As the pioneer and leader of China's endoscope era, Aohua Endoscopy was originally incorporated in Shanghai, and now the significance of establishing the Chongqing branch and Guangzhou branch is self-evident. At this point, Aohua Endoscopy has firstly completed the "big triangle" plan of its Chinese business map.


At the South China Dealer Appreciation Banquet, the leaders of Aohua Endoscopy also expressed their expectations and outlook for the coming 2019.


It is reported that the establishment of the Guangzhou branch has been in line with the needs of the upgrading and scale development of the Aohua Endoscopy South China distribution. Therefore, Aohua Endoscopy Guangzhou branch was carrying a big responsibilities of deeply cultivate the regional market and radiate the surrounding provinces and cities in South China.


Since 2013, relevant ministries have issued a large number of policies to encourage and support for the development of the medical device industry. The innovative development and quality upgrade of domestic medical devices have been upgraded to the level of national strategy. We have good reason to believe that the establishment of Aohua Endoscopy Guangzhou Branch will improve a balanced development of domestic endoscopy. And with the combination of Shanghai HQ and Chongqing Branch, it will effectively link the market with sales and service network, so that provide organizational guarantee for the business improvement and problem solving. Thereby making medical conditions more equal and service response more positive and rapid.