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Why the color of insertion tube become yellow?

AThis failure is belong to insertion tube yellow crystallization. If customers don’t use enzymatic detergent to soak the insertion tube and decompose the protein before disinfection, the chemical reactions between proteins and organic disinfectants would lead the color change.

What is the difference of Disinfection and Sterilization?

ADisinfection and sterilization are essential for ensuring that medical equipment do not transmit pathogenic microorganisms to patients. Disinfection describes a process that eliminates many, if not all, pathogenic microorganisms on inanimate objects. Sterilization describes a process that destroys or eliminates all forms of microbial life and is carried out by physical or chemical methods.

What is maximum testing pressure during leakage test?

AGastroscope: 30 KPa

Colonoscope: 30 KPa

Bronchoscope: 20 KPa

Could we use Sodium hypochlorite, Low temperature plasma, Peracetic acid for CDS procedure?

A:  Sodium hypochlorite: Not recommended

Low temperature plasma: Not recommended

Peracetic acid: (0.2%-0.35%)  for disinfection5min; for sterilization10min

The soaking time should be strictly in accordance with the minimum time recommended by the disinfectant manufacturer (remove immediately the disinfection solution when it meets the requirements)

Why we use 75% alcohol during the last step of CDS?

A:  As most of the disinfection solution is harmful to patient and alcohol could completely remove the rest solution and accelerate dry of endoscope.

Is necessary to do white balance before checking patient?

A:  Not, doing the WB during the first time using is enough, all AOHUA processors provide white balance function.

What’s the meaning of different image enhancement mode?

A: Two types of outline enhancement are available. Structure Enh for observation of larger mucosal structures with high contrast. Edge Enh for observation of smaller structures, such as capillaries.

Which mode could provide the patient information keyboard inputting function?

A: AQ-100, AQ-200;

Can customer use the VME-98C with processor VME-2800HD, AQ-100HD?

A: VME-98C, VME-1650C could only work with integrated processor VME-2300HD,

VME-98S and VME-1650S are for VME-2800 HD;

VGT-Q30 and VCL-Q30 are for AQ-100HD.

What the difference of LED lamp and Xenon lamp?

A: Different life time and color temperature, Xenon lamp features a higher brightness and authenticity of color, also a better performance of CBI function.


Average life of lamp

Color temperature

LED Lamp

10000 hours

5200K ± 500K

Xenon Lamp

500 hours


Could the customer use the processor when Xenon lamp is defective?

A: The processor could also switch on with back up lamp –LED lamp, but the only purpose for back up lamp –LED lamp design is to remove the endoscope from patient after sudden xenon lamp failure   

What’s the difference of the 4th generation operation handle and the 3rd one?

A: The 4th generation operation handle used ergonomic design.it is lightweight than the 3rd generation. The 4th have four buttons and one more than the 3rd one.

How to check the endoscope with abnormal Air/water function?

A: 1,Try with the new Air/water valve
2, Check the sealing ring of water bottle.
3,Make sure there is enough water in the bottle.
4, Make sure you already switch on the air pump.

How to check the endoscope with abnormal suction function?

A: 1, Try with the new suction valve

2, Check the connection of suction tube

3, Make sure you already switch on the suction pump.

4, Make sure the biopsy valve is properly attached

Why the freeze button is damaged with edge side?

A: We suggest the operator to press freeze button at the middle area, because the long-term pressing the button from edge side would damage the opposite side.

Why the freeze button is damaged with edge side?

A:We suggest the operator to press freeze button at the middle area, because the long-term pressing the button from edge side would damage the opposite side.


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