Aohua Endoscopy donate MBC video Bronchoscope to Italy in Global crisis of COVID-19

Date:2020-03-31 Author:admin

From beginning of 2020, we saw the battle between human being and COVID-19 from China to overseas, and also first half to second half. However, we breath together and share destiny together. In order to build a better community of shared destiny, Aohua Endoscopy not only donate bronchoscopy to over 20 designated hospitals all over China, but as well as to countries in emergency need of help.

As one of the countries who were greatly influenced by the COVID-19, the number of patients increase greatly and situation is very bad in Italy. Therefore, Aohua Endoscopy donate the device of MBC bronchoscopy from its service center in Munich to hospitals and clinics in Italy.


Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Lombardy region, who play a decisive role in continuous combating with pandemic of COVID-19 in Italy.


As Newsweek goes, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS rank No.1 in Lazio Region. Thus, the quantity and difficulty of work of theirs is tremendously heavy and big.
We also hope that the donated MBC bronchoscopy could be applied in the assistance of confirming cases and curing patients as soon as possible.


The function of bronchoscopy plays more and more important role in the field of clinical aid, such as the process of assisting sampling, emergency treatment, precise control in curing.  Sometimes, the ready-to-use device means the hope from the heaven.

One sincere word of 'Grazie', one second strived to get, one easier step sometimes leads to one saved life.
Aohua Endoscopy, stand in line with the world.
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