2021 CMEF

Date:2021-05-18 Author:admin

On May 13, 2021, the 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This year, Aohua Endoscopy upgraded its display scale with the theme of "reproduction" and appeared in the medical optics exhibition area, presenting a complete solution for endoscopes.

More pragmatic

Medicine is an evidence-based science. We always insist that we should keep our feet on the ground and seek truth from facts in medical treatment.

Therefore, Aohua's product development and innovation always adhere to the principle of clinical origin and service to the clinic, and continue to improve and improve in all aspects of basic technology and characteristic functions such as image algorithms, spectroscopy and dyeing, grip body design, and electrical isolation. This time, CMEF Aohua is committed to providing suitable services and equipment for hospitals and doctors of different levels to improve the quality of the equipment through endoscopic equipment and endoscopic surgery diagnosis and treatment consumables covering gastroenterology, nasopharyngology, respiratory, gynecology and other departments. Diagnosis of multiple diseases.

More accurate

Based on the clinic, we have seen the high requirements of doctors for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment under white light, and insight into the social trend of early cancer diagnosis, which makes us determined to go further and let the clinical truth truly reappear.

"Armed" Endoscope with Technology
With technological innovation and development, Aohua has made a strong breakthrough in the clarity of endoscopic imaging.

Strengthen the "power of light"
Aohua’s unique CBI Plus (spectral staining technology) can use the tissue characteristics of hemoglobin to absorb specific wavelengths of light, and achieve optical staining of superficial blood vessels, deep blood vessels and superficial fiber structures through specific wavelengths of compound light, and strengthen conventional endoscopy

More caring

modern medicine, diseases are being explored more and more transparently and treated more and more delicately. At the same time, pain and cumbersomeness should also be taken seriously and resolved. Science, technology and humanity and sociality should not run counter to each other.
Endoscopy is a "human" medicine. From the manufacturing end, the examiner to the patient-the refinement of the assembly process, the convenience of the doctor's operation, and the patient's physical and mental experience, we go through the grand cheers about technology again and again to explore the proposition about the temperature of human nature.

"Make endoscopic diagnosis and treatment become popular and convenient." With this dream in mind, Aohua Endoscopy was founded in 1994, starting the journey of endoscope R&D and manufacturing. 
Respecting life and perceiving human nature, Aohua has always had medical training in mind and will not change its original intention.

Innovation driven by clinical needs is the driving force behind Aohua's continuous development.
I believe that under the shining of this beam of light, the hidden dark night will eventually be completely dispelled.

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