EXPLOSION – 2019 Aohua Annual Party

With various summaries and outlooks, reflections and recognitions, 2018 came to an end. Looking back on the past, Aohua Endoscopy is still developing, and be in the face of 2019, Mr. Gu Xiaozhou, the CEO of Aohua Endoscopy, gave the key word of the coming 2019: EXPLOSION.


Why are we going to explode? How we get explosion? What are we going to explode?

With many questions, we are welcoming the 2019 Aohua Annual Party, the “EXPLOSION”.


With varieties of teams walked through the carpet one by one, many familiar faces appeared in front of the huge background of EXPLOSION.


With the heart of a child, you can have the greatest enthusiasm for work and life. Whether it is a dance, a song or a play, they are all the initial heart of the statement.


And Aohua Endoscopy has specially organized a training session on "Excellent Marketing and Channel Management". The course contents marketing principles framework, marketing case, marketing principles application discussion, channel/dealer management, etc.