ARAB HEALTH | Seeking breakthroughs from Dubai

North America DDW | The world's largest and most prestigious GI professional conference

East Asia CMEF | China's largest medical device fair

Europe MEDICA | The world's largest medical equipment exhibition


In the first month of 2019, Aohua traveled to the Middle East UAE

ARAB HEALTH is the Exhibition of International Professional Medical Equipment with the largest scale and good exhibition performance in the Middle East

We greet every friend at Hall3 A60


The goal of import substitution

Aohua once had a lot of firsts. The first electronic endoscope in China, the first electronic Bronchoscope in China... but that is not enough. In recent years, the continuous increase of Aussie R&D investment, the cultivation of top talents, the persistence of products, and the continuous updating of marketing services have enabled us to scream "import substitution" and make China's manufacturing go abroad. World inspection and recognition.


From following to competition

At one time, exhibitors from the US and Europe were the most desirable presences at major exhibitions. But after the efforts of generation after generation, this "gap of following" is really shrinking rapidly. We can see our own gaps, but the world also can see our progress.


Coming to the booth of Aohua Endoscopy, dealers and visitors from all over the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places have stopped. Some are the new one, and some are the old friends of Aohua Endoscopy, and they all want to know something new from Aohua Booth.