Европейский центр внутренних зеркал и шанхайский международный медицинский центр 

Date:2019-04-18 Author:aohua

  If there is another country that has medical market demands close to those of China, India is absolutely the only choice. 

  Located in Mumbai, Aohua's Indian Marketing Service Center manifests its professional everywhere: clean and comfortable office areas, familiar Aohua logo, and highly motivated marketing team. Since its establishment, the team has been constantly understanding the Indian market for corresponding adjustment and striving to respond to future challenges and opportunities in the best way and manner. 

 It is predicted that by 2050, the Indian population will increase from 1.2 billion to 1.6 billion. Gastrointestinal diseases increasingly occur with age. So to speak, the Indian market presents very urgent demands for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Based on present situations, we establish the Indian Marketing Service Center with the aims to give play to the advantages in product quality and marketing services, etc. and provide effective endoscopic diagnosis and treatment solutions for the Indian people.  

  A few days ago, the Indian government was constantly building and expanding the hospitals and focused on medical health. Sustainably growing national economy also contributes to the increase of the overall purchasing power in India. Aohua has established complete network in China. But in the overseas market, it is worthy of the wait in consideration of India's demands and prospects.  How does Aohua having strong strengths develop its business in India? What kind of cooperation can Aohua reach with local public hospitals and distributors in India? What kind of medical improvement can Aohua make in India? Let us wait and see together!  
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