@ 2019 cmef Аохуа принес полный спектр продуктов на сцену

Date:2019-05-14 Author:aohua

  Covering gastroenterology, surgery, respiratory, otolaryngology, gynecology, emergency department, anesthesiology, ICU and other departments related endoscopic equipment;A complete endoscopic platform including flexible endoscopy, rigid endoscopy and consumables for diagnosis and treatment;2019CMEF, Aohua wows Hall1K17 with complete endoscopy solutions.

  For the first domestic endoscopic reform, Aohua bore the brunt of it. Not afraid of monopoly, it took a place in the market with its own endoscopy system.
  The second endoscopic revolution, we have been unknowingly swept into it.How to expand the share of domestic endoscopy?And how can we erase the prejudices about us?
  More than 20 years ago, Aohua was able to break the monopoly and invent Chinese endoscopy. At present, Aohua is more unwilling to be mediocre,we focus on research and development, create more reputation products such as AQ-200, and accelerate the process of import substitution.
  In the wave of import substitution of medical devices, Aohua is the leader, advocate and promoter. We are together across The Times.

  In the case of high technical barriers, how can we jump ahead?
  The gap, will bring more motivation to accelerate to catch up.
As for image processing, Aohua reproduces the real image with the HD resolution of 1080P, while the rigid endoscopy reaches the standard of 4KUHD, which is equivalent to the world's cutting-edge level.
  In other areas, Aohua took a different path to overtake on corners.Using emerging technologies from other fields(such as Laser transmission and Wireless power supply), endoscopes will have more possibilities in the future.


  In addition, this time Aohua also brought a series of consumables for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and a series of rigid endoscopy products of WISAP, an old German manufacturer ofrigid endoscopy, which was acquired before.Compared with the previous equipment upgrade, the various new products that are ready to be launched also add a lot of luster to the exhibition.



  At CMEF, the grand endoscopy platform that Aohua is proud of, and the complete solutions go hand in hand, reflecting the strong product and brand strength in multiple segments.
In the New Year of endoscopy, Aohua will do our best to point out the future.
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