VMX 2019 Aohua participated in the world's largest Veterinary meeting & EXPO

Date:2019-01-24 Author:aohua

  Orlando, Florida, USA.
  There is sunshine everywhere, full of novelty and dynamic.
  2019 Veterinary meeting & EXPO was held here.
  Aohua Veterinary Endoscopy has the honor to participate in the annual "academic vacation" , which sharing insights and building friendships with veterinary professionals from all over the world.

  This time VMX brought together some of the most experienced veterinary professionals. At the same time, the most famous professionals in the field held lectures to give the participating brands and free visitors access to the top knowledge and scientific research results.

  In addition to professionals, there were many new products, services and equipment on display.At Aohua booth, a great number of colleagues and doctors were impressed by our high-definition electronic endoscopy.

  Aohua has been advocating the use of animal gastrointestinal endoscopy instead of laparotomy. No matter from an emotional or technical perspective, veterinary endoscopy is required by the same standards as human endoscopy, and it is committed to providing a complete endoscopic solution. There were many other examples of the spirit of self-exploration at the fair. Many of the innovative solutions were so refreshing that the participants could not help but feel proud and happy for the animal medicine industry to develop in a more technology-rich, effective and convenient direction.
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