How does Aohua perform endoscopy on horses?

Date:2019-07-08 Author:aohua

  • Actually,Aohua is quite well-known in Europe.

From CVS, the exclusive supplier of endoscopy to pet clinics in Spain, Portugal and elsewhere, the mysterious Oriental has a surprisingly prominent presence.When we look a little further away from the map of Europe, one region also has a strong presence -- in southern Europe, there is the Balkans, which is called "Europe's powder keg."The peninsula is home to a country —— Croatia.


This is a very tough country.He has the struggle of football, the iron blood of war, the national gene of constant resistance.

But he is also a country of "tenderness".Gently stroke a horse's back, gently into the mirror back, love and care is everywhere.



This is a field record of Aohua endoscopic diagnosis and teaching of horses in Croatia.



Everyone is glued to the monitor screen, watching the horses and trying to judge and treat them with a better perspective and a bigger view.


The Croatia on the pitch is awe-inspiring, while the Croatia in the animal clinic fully recognizes the brand and quality of Aohua.We are working together to create safer and more secure screening services for animals.


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