MVE Portable Video Airway Endoscope

MVE-5010/6010 Portable Video Airway Endoscope MBC Series

HD GI Endoscope

CMOS technology application

It supports high-pixel CMOS imaging with a 120-degree viewing angle, and provides wide-range, clear and bright images.

Super-large Instrument channel

Multi-functional design, equipped with 2.6mm big working
channel and support for suction,
BAL, Intubation and etc.

HD screen

It is equipped with a 3.5 ''inch
and can display wide-range and clear images.

Design of outer diameter of the thinnest insertion portion

The insertion portion has the minimum outer diameter up to 4mm,
and can be inserted deeper for inspection.

16GB SD-card

It has a capacity up to 16GB,
and can store videos and lots of pictures for a long time.

External LED cold light source

Significantly reduce the temperature at the end of the intubation,and reduce after-sales maintenance costs; reduce the electric leakage risks for the patients, and significantly improve clinical safety.

Clinical photos


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