Focusing on the innovation and future of endoscopy, Aohua attended 2019 DDW

Date:2019-05-22 Author:aohua

  Good results need to flow,
Only openness and cooperation can advance progress.
  This is the 50-year-old American digestive disease week (DDW), a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies and advances in preventive diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterology, liver disease, gastroscopy, and gastrointestinal surgery.On May 18, the global digestive feast opened its doors to the world in San Diego.

  As one of the organizers of DDW, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE)hrld the meeting on the theme of "Endoscopic Innovation at Center Stage" , put innovation issues in the focus of attention.
  Dr. StevenA Edmundowicz, chairman of ASGE, said, "in recent years, the global growth of endoscopic devices has been driven by a variety of drivers.The reasons include increased demand for minimally invasive surgery, a diverse patient population, increased obesity rates and a larger number of older patients."
  Increased demand means more opportunities and challenges.How to stand out? Aohua’s answer is : focus on innovation and then strive to be mediocre and different.

  Recently, Aohua has been attending various world-class exhibitions in the fields of digestion and medical devices, and welcomed visitors with a full appearance.Continuous improvement of corporate reputation, product quality and service network have made Aohua recognized and recommended again and again.
  Another thing that was particularly important at the fair was the opportunity to communicate with various groups.Scientific research achievements of experts in the field, clinical advice of front-line doctors, innovative products of peers, market sense of dealers...In the context of globalization, only by embracing all kinds of thoughts can we make further progress.

  The establishment of five global marketing service centers, gradually expand and deepen the scope of radiation;Establish sales and service teams in different regions to make brands and products accessible;With the further combination of production, study and medical research, Aohua's endoscopic career is climbing at an amazing speed.
  It is precisely because of full confidence and precipitation that Aohua now could have such high morale and faith. At home, the "import substitution" is on its way, while abroad, "product substitution" is our confidence, and "brand substitution" is our goal.

  At DDW this time, Aohua has demonstrated its harvest and progress in the past period, and closely followed the academic frontier and made common progress through international exchanges.
  We sincerely hope that this feast of ideas and technologies will last long, leading to greater cooperation and inclusion for the benefit of more patients.
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