GEEW 2019 Talking on Endoscopy Together

Date:2019-06-26 Author:aohua

Standing in the "capital of Europe", numerous endoscopists and experts will come together. At 2019 GEEW, we are both teachers and friends, making continuous progress in medical science.


June 16 - June 18, in Brussels, Belgium, we are joined by like-minded partners to focus on the development of endoscopic technologies and treatments.


Each conference is a stage that sincerely thanks the famous for teaching their already skilled skills, and also welcomes the "new" to share the success they  never had before -- just do it and show how to do it.


It is the same to Aohua.

As we demonstrate the maturity of endoscopic manufacturing techniques, we continue to explain to physicians in the field of strong curiosity and exploration -- how we do it, why we do it, and what it does for you.


As the doctors' "eye", the endoscopic examination inside the body needs a clear and stable field of vision.

As a result, Aohua polished every detail and achieved the powerful AQ-200. With laser transmission and wireless power supply, it provided 1080P imaging with high quality, so that even lesions of a small size could be easily "detected".


Laser transmission, wireless power supply, CBI Plus , integrated waterproof plug, dual-screen display, screen freezing...

The manufacturing techniques behind these phrases, all of which reflect the brilliance of modern technology, have made the AQ-200 laser transmission endoscopy an object of great interest and wonder.


As well as showcasing existing "successes", the conference focused in part on "problem solving".


Admittedly, endoscopic examination still has some limitations.When faced with a dilemma, what way should we use to solve it? Where can we break through? What else can be tried from a technical point of view?To grasp the nettle, explore the unknown and solve the dilemma is our very direct scientific research purpose.


What we can present is only the tip of the iceberg in this wonderful meeting.

These gains after integration and digestion, in the future will be in another form, and explore more possibilities of endoscopy!


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