Aohua endoscopy won two g-mark design awards

Date:2019-12-04 Author:admin

On October 2, 2019, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD announced its 2019 winners. We are honored that the organizers awarded two GOOD DESIGN AWARDs to us!

How hard is it to win this award?
First,there is never a Chinese endoscopy company has won this award. The second, Japan has a strong position in the endoscope market. At last, there are so many works so that the competition is fierce.

The favored one in the international design awards.
This is not the first time that Aohua has won an international design award.The Good Design Award, together with the IF Design Award, the red dot Design Award and the  IDEA Design Award, are known as the world's four authoritative Design awards.So far, Aohua have successfully conquered three of these. Aohua AQ-200 laser transmission endoscopy system has been awarded the "double certification" of G-mark and red dot award.

Give emotional warmth to design
Just as G-mark focuses on the contribution of its work to human society, Aohua has been thinking about what we can really do for doctors.The fourth generation FHD lightweight handle, which has undergone numerous studies and experiments, is our answer to this question.

Coming back from a superpower of endoscopy, we want to let people know that our Chinese intelligence has gone through a sea change, and we are in it, and are going through a greater change together.
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